Al Wahab Tech Leaders | Developed by Eoriginators.com

About Us

We are manufacturers, fabricators, erectors and traders. Having the fabrication facilities of miscellaneous items and accessories.

We are pleased to add further that we are also serving our clients as a General Order Supplier. Our office is located in the heart of Pakistan i.e. in the city of Lahore. We are enjoying the best possible repute, contacts and references in the market. Read More

Our Mission

Our Mission is to manufacture, fabricate and supply quality and reliable products and services in a socially responsible way while adhering to our Core values i.e. Integrity, Reliability, Fairness, Quality and Fun at work.

Al Wahab Tech Leaders | Developed by Eoriginators.com

We Manufacture

  • Cable Trays, Accessories for Cable Trays,
  • Ducts (Air Distribution System)
  • Storage Racks (Adjustable & Fixed),
  • Electric Panels
  • Tower & Tower Accessories (Template, Base Plate, Ladder, M/W and GSM Antenna Mounts)
  • & Steel Structures.