“I have known Dr. Mantz as a friend and colleague for over a decade. He has lectured and conducted classes at our health immersion programs and Getaways and I have referred him patients over the years because I have so much trust and respect for his judgement and broad areas of knowledge. It is rare to find a psychiatrist who has expertise regarding nutrition and brain function, considers the long-term effects of medications, minimizes their use, and has expertise in the natural solutions for people with emotional difficulties and addictions. I refer patients to Dr. Mantz because he considers the entire person and attempts to remedy all the causal factors effecting mental health, not just merely write prescriptions.”

– 6 Time NY Times Best Selling Author ``Joel Fuhrman, M.D.``

My mission is dedicated to learning, living, and teaching you the most effective mind-health information providing strategies and innovative tools to healing and strengthening your mind.

I am inspired by the human spirit and motivated to provide support and guidance to those of you that want to break free from suffering and live the best life possible.

Dr. Mantz
Nutrition Presentation and Cooking Demo
Dr. Fuhrman’s Culinary Immersion, 2017

Dr. Mantz gets the chance to fulfill a dream in this video. “I love to cook and I love to teach, having a chance to do both in front of an audience at Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Culinary Immersion in Newport, Califonia was one of the most enjoyable professional experiences I have had. I had given many talks in the past but never cooked and talked to a live audience before. We had no rehearsals and had to present and cook right off the cuff. That was a bit anxiety provoking but quickly turned into a lot of fun.”

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